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Interface Terminal Gent, established in july 2014, is a joint venture between two parties with years of expertise in the Port of Ghent.

Interface Terminal Gent (ITG) and the Port of Ghent want to create prosperity and growth in a sustainable way by further developing the seaport into a multimodal logistics platform.

ITG wants to reduce the environmental footprint and improve goods and container flows.

Therefore important strategic land concessions were acquired at the Kluizendock in Ghent seaport in order to develop an integrated intermodal container and trailer terminal.

Short sea, inland shipping, rail and road facilities on one 4 modal platform integrated in one strong hub terminal is unique in Northern Europe.

Inland shipping out of main deep sea ports towards Interface Terminal Gent underlines the important role as decongestion hub.

interface Terminal Gent, as a brand new terminal, is a competitive best value intermodal tool for North Europe container lane management decision making.

  • Road and Rail transport
  • Inland- and Short Sea shipping
  • Depth sea canal - quay = 13,5 meters
  • 250,000 m² open storage
  • 1100 m quay length
  • 2250 m rail: 3 x 750 m rail tracks
  • 2 mobile harbor cranes
  • 6 reach stackers (with piggy back spreader)
  • Rail Mounted Gantry crane
  • Empty depot function of 8+ carriers
  • Container storage, stuffing and stripping
  • Container PTI, Repair, Cleaning and Fumigation
  • In-house customs service
  • Fast truck turn-around times
  • Reefer plugs (80) on terminal and barges
  • Full ISPS code compliant
  • Automated inventory through EDI
  • Full AEO, ADR, RID, VGM and IMDG certified